Mijne kopJohan Van den Brande is an electronics engineer (MSc) who thought it would be better to pursue a career in software instead of hardware. Having worked for a big player in the storage industry, Johan now finds a daily challenge in running his own consultancy business. Find my C.V. here…

Next to his career he tries to be a loving husband and a good father to three children.

He lives in a small village in Belgium, Tongerlo, which has its own abbey, an abundance of social life (look here, here, here, and here) and its own local beer.

Johan finds satisfaction in tinkering, toying, fiddling and experimenting with both emerging and heirloom technologies. He has a small prototyping lab where he puts together contraptions of all sorts and the occasional customer project.

To stay healthy, Johan trains for track and field at AC Westerlo and participates in trail runs in search for his limits.

He also is an avid discus launched glider pilot at competition level.

Oh, and did he mention he loves to write in the third person about himself?